April 12, 2012

Guy Savoy Bread Pairing | Food Theory Thursday


Today, I'd like to share with you one of the most decadent (and possibly expensive) restaurants in Las Vegas.  Guy Savoy, headed by the much lauded chef of the same name, is French dining at its pinnacle with the finest in quality and in presentation.  Not only can you count on 10 courses of fabulous food, but each of these courses is paired with a gourmet artisan bread, hand sliced table side for your perfectly paired flavor enjoyment!  Mary recently dined at this restaurant and HAD to try this bread pairing to see if it was really all the rage, and let me tell you, it WAS.  Its not just any old wheat bread they are serving up either.  It is artfully crafted breads that are created to blend delightfully with each of the courses specifically.  Crispy Sea Bass with Delicate Spices paired with a Lemon Bread?  Delicately complex and perfect.  Artichoke and Black Truffle soup paired with Mushroom  Brioche?  Divine.  Marinated Lobster with Seaweed Ciabatta Bread?  Unexpected and wonderful.  Attention to detail is definitely a must here!  They even had an artist create specialty serving accoutrement for each course, so even the china is GORGEOUS!  This meal was definitely a one of a kind event (and at about $290 a person for the prestige menu, it may not be everyone's cup of tea), but we see that all elements of a menu should be taken into consideration to create a symphony of delciousness.  We here at Culinary Crafts definitely take this to heart and have been offering "bread pairings" with our stations before it was so in vogue.  Our passion for detail and perfect orchestration is as apparent in every one of our events just as each course of Guy Savoy's prestige menu is.  We hope this inspires you to thoughtfully and artfully prepare your next meal - it is SO worth it!  Happy eating everyone! Check out our website at! Photos via KevinEats, Crazy White Girl With a Kitchen, and Midwestern Masticatory Musings

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