September 29, 2014

Happenings at Culinary Crafts: 2014 Harvest In Utah Culinary Learning Journey



We here at Culinary Crafts have quite a week ahead of us!  We are excited to announce that our very own Mary Crafts-Homer is leading the ICA's Culinary Learning Journey throughout Utah this week and it promises to be AMAZING!  What is the Culinary Learning Journey, you may ask?  Well, its a 4 day feast of the host state's best and brightest tastes, artisans, and establishments that shows off their culinary prowess to the creme de la creme of caterers from all over the world.  We are even more excited because we know Mary is a great ambassador for the bounty that Utah offers, but now she can show her passion for Utah to the world!  From promoting the award winning local Utah foods, touring the world renown Utah food artisan facilities, and dining at the critically acclaimed Utah restaurants, this tour is sure to show Utah off as a true food destination, and who better to lead this tour than Mary, who is a true champion of local foods and cuisine!  We can't wait to show you more of what is to come from the Culinary Learning Journey this week - so stay tuned!  Happy learning, everyone!

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