February 26, 2010

Help Haiti….Eat a Cookie!


Here at Culinary Crafts we have the most loving and caring staff.  I know like many people I have sat on my couch and wondered what I can do to help the people of Haiti.  Stacie, one of our wonderful staff was thinking the same thing and decided, along with her roommates to have a bake sale.  Once the day and time had been decided what better way to spread the word then on Facebook.  Stacie and I are friends on Facebook and so I received and e-mail letting me know of the upcoming event.  I quickly sent a reply and asked when and how she was going to be baking all of the treats for the bake sale.  I asked her if I could help and had the idea to bake everything at our kitchen at work.  Many hands make light work, the same could be said for many mixers and ovens.  The day came and after going through our recipe book to decided what was to be made it was time to hit the store to buy the necessary items.  It is always amazing to me that when one of us has a great idea and is ready to get their hands dirty to serve how fast the rest of us all jump in to help.  In addition to baking a few treats, 150 chocolate chip cookies, 150 peanut butter cookies, 100 rice crispy treats and 200 lemon bars, Adam and Kaleb decided they wanted to do our homemade gelato as well.  Adam, our executive chef, came in to put an order together for the next day but when he saw what what happening he didn't waste any time help get the finished product packaged up and ready to go. The night of the event came and the place looked fantastic! The goal for the night was to raise $1500 and with the  buffet loaded with anything you could ask for, it was definitely attainable. A bounty of fresh home made rolls- if you were trying to avoid sweets,  gooey chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles, cookies, and the most popular Caramel gelato filled the room, along with about 600 people.  All in all these  college students ended up raising $2,300. We are grateful to Stacie for her idea and letting us be a part of this wonderful opportunity to help Haiti. It just goes to show that no idea is to small.

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