October 12, 2010

Holiday Gifts!


Although I know we still have another couple of months before the winter holidays are really in full swing, I'd like to give you some inspiration, with plenty of time to plan a gift of your own to give!  Every year, Culinary Crafts likes to give our vendor partners a gift full of homemade treats as a way of saying "we appreciate you" and sharing some comforts that harken back to our own holidays!  Last year's gift was a smorgasbord of tasty treats like home made cheeses (made by Mary herself!), Uinta Beer Bread, and Black Satin Fudge Cake.  It was really important to not only have customer favorites, but also items that used local products.  All the packaging was custom designed to create a beautiful tower of confections that was as visually stunning as it was tasty.  Have it encased in a gorgeous apothecary style glass vessel, and well, the result is stunning!

I hope this gives you some ideas of holiday gifts you may want to give this year!  I always love the joy these presents give to everyone who receives one.  Happy giving to you all!

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Photo credit: Logan Walker of ZumaPhoto

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