October 1, 2009

Holiday Treats!


Wow, it can get busy fast.  That's why I am already thinking of all of the fun holiday parties that we are going to have this season.  We are already brainstorming fun ideas for new holiday sweets for the upcoming holiday season. How does pumpkin spice gelato sound....or maybe eggnog?  Actually I think we'll do an eggnog cake with rum icing.  I know we will have to do our traditional pumpkin praline cheesecake and, of course, the yule log. I think one of my all time favorites will always be our pine cone cake.  Take a look at this picture and tell me who else does something like this!  Wow, I better book a spot for our own Holiday Party right now before they are all should be thinking about your own holdiay catering too.  Anything from a family party, to an intimate dinner party, to a company party for 3000 guests.  I know it is going to be a hit! pinecone

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