December 15, 2011

Homemade Christmas Treats | Food Theory Thursday


Photos from As Mary said earlier in her "Favorite Gifts Post" a homemade gift is truly a gift you can't get anywhere else and, because we are all busy in our own lives, it shows someone how special they are that you created a homemade treat just for them!  In that spirit, I'd like to share two AWESOME (and fairly easy) ideas of homemade treats you could make and give to those extra special people in your life!  One is a homemade popcorn tin and the other are homemade peppermint marshmallows!  YUM! For the popcorn tin, you can purchase the actual tins from a craft store or even get plain paint tins from the home store!  So cute.  To create the divide between the two types of popcorn, you simply cut a piece of cardstock that is the height and diameter of the tin.  To fill the tin, hold the cardstock in the center of the tin and fill the tin one scoop at a time, alternating between each flavor to keep the cardstock in place.  Super easy, right?  After the tin is filled, just add a gorgeous bow around the tin and a tag, and it's a beautiful, DELICIOUS present, ready to be gifted!  There are tons of recipes for popcorn, but I loved this Chocolate Almond Popcorn recipe and this Caramel-Almond Popcorn recipe. For the marshmallows, all you need are cute cellophane bags, a ribbon, and a tag.  Simply place the marshmallows in the bags, tie them with ribbon, and add a tag.  Voila!  Super cute and easy.  You could even add Hot Cocoa Mix and some mugs for a Gourmet Hot Cocoa Kit.  May I suggest Culinary Crafts cocoa?  SO DELICIOUS.  Also, you can get the recipe and how to create these beautiful marshmallows here. Happy gifting everyone! Check out our NEW website at!  

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