August 3, 2016

Local Cheese And Apple Hors D’oeuvre


Here at Culinary Crafts we use local and fresh ingredients for all of our dishes. (Except when our clients want a dish that is asian or mediterranean influenced, because lets be real, it's hard to find some of the ingredients locally for those dishes!) For this hors d'oeuvre we only used 3 ingredients; apples, cheese, and honey. We love using local honey because it is raw and unfiltered. Processed honey takes out the amazing flavor honey have to offer, so buy local! Wherever the bees are located and getting their pollen from is how the honey will taste. If the bees are up in wildflowers, the honey will have a floral taste to it. Same with if they are by a pumpkin patch, they will have the hint of pumpkin. Local Cheese And Apple Hors D'oeuvre Some of our favorite cheeses is Beehive Cheese, Heber Valley Cheese, Deer Valley and our own cheeses we made in-house. Pictured is the Barely Buzzed cheese from Beehive Cheeses, located in Northern Utah. Beehive cheese sources the milk used in the cheese from Wade’s Dairy, also in Northern Utah. The Barely Buzzed cheese is a white cheddar cheese with an espresso rub on the outside. They get the rub exclusively make for them from Colorado Legacy Fine Coffee. It is made from espresso and lavender with subtle notes of butterscotch and caramel. Barely Buzzed is then aged in their humidity controlled facility and moved to two different temperatures during the aging process to develop texture and flavor. Local Cheese And Apple Hors D'oeuvre We love Mountainland Apples in Santaquin, Utah. For this hors d'oeuvre we used a delicious granny apple. Local Cheese And Apple Hors D'oeuvre Below is our really popular local cheese and apple hors d'oeuvre. Utah apples are harvested in the late Summer/Fall. Apples hold really well in a really cold storage but they're at their best when you get them at a farmers market or a orchard because they'll be extra juicy. Because of the cold storage, we're able to serve this delicious hors d'oeuvre year-round. Local Cheese And Apple Hors D'oeuvre We used clover honey from Miller Farms which is made in Salt Lake City, Utah. The hives were surrounded by clover fields, which is where they got the pollen from and it's affects the taste. Local Cheese And Apple Hors D'oeuvre We love this hors d'oeuvre because you get the sweetness from the apple and the savory from the cheese which has a little bit of fat in it so it coats your mouth, and then the honey gives it a nice extra flavor. You can garnish it with a micro green or herb. We used thyme in these pictures. Local Cheese And Apple Hors D'oeuvre Check out more Salt Lake City, Park City, and Utah County catering at!

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