June 8, 2011

How To: Use Your Invitations to Set The Mood


Today I'd like to give you a couple of tips on using your invitations to set the mood of your event.  Now, some people don't always think that the invitation is important, however, I think that is simply not true!  It is the first piece of information that your guests get about your event and the creates the first impression they will have of your wedding.  And you know what they say about first impressions. So, firstly, make sure you incorporate your color palette and any details that will carry throughout your event.  That way it coincides with the event and it will tie them together nicely.  Here's an example:

This invitation suite (which was designed by the fantastic Pink Piggy Design) incorporates the couple's color scheme as well as the bike detail.  The couple are both avid bicyclers and incorporated cycling into their engagements as well as in the details of their actual wedding.  This gives the guest an idea of a fun wedding with a natural, modern vibe.  Love it!

Secondly, make sure that your invite style lets the guest know how elegant or casual/formal or laid-back/whimsical or traditional your event is.  Every guest will wonder how to dress, what to expect, and the type of event it will be.  For example, here are two opposite takes on a wedding:

The left invitation (created by the amazing Ann Elizabeth Invitations) and the right invitation (created by the equally amazing Rowley Press) could not be more different in style.  Also, each event clearly has a very different feel.  The invitation on the left lets the guests know to expect a more formal affair with definite Indian ceremonial influences.  The use of the Indian symbol and the dye cut both illustrate that quite well.  Also the color palette of red and gold instantly reads as a more formal event.  The invitation on the right, however, has whimsical, hand drawn elements that let the guest know that it will be a laid back event, probably with a garden style.  The color palette is very vibrant and fresh that reads as more of an informal gathering of friends.

Lastly, your invitation should set the design for all of the paper elements of your wedding, from the menu to the table numbers to the signage on the food tables!  Its a great way to tie an event together and it maintains the style and mood you've created with your invitations.  Not to mention, it looks amazing and your guests will be impressed by the little details that make your wedding one of a kind.  And isn't that what we all want? :)

(Invitation above from Pink Piggy Design)

I hope this helps you think of your invitations in a new way and remember to always have fun with it!

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