August 16, 2011

ICA’s 2011 CaterArts Conference!


A couple weeks ago, Mary went to the ICA CaterArts Conference to learn some new tricks, trends, and ideas!  She also had the opportunity to bring along Culinary Craft's the executive sous chef, Victoria Skeem, the executive chef, Marco Niccoli, and, of course, her hubby, Rick!  They all had a blast and wanted to share some photos from this fantastic event!  Check it out!

Mary, Rick, and some of the other 2011 CaterArts attendees!

How delicious does this food look?!  Yum!

Our team enjoying the fantastic fare at the convention!

The ICA 2011 CaterArts Conference was amazing and we are so glad that Mary, Rick, Marco, and Victoria were able to go!  We hope to share some of the new trends and tricks they learned soon!  Thank you to the ICA for hosting such a wonderful event!

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