October 23, 2013

La Cave Retaurant Review


Recently, our very own Holly Fowler took a vacation to Las Vegas and stopped in to try on of the Wynn's premier restaurants, La Cave.  It sounded SO delicious, I asked Holly to write up a small review for our readers!  Take it away, Holly! LaCaveReview "On a recent getaway to Las Vegas, we were on the hunt for a new restaurant and we found a GREAT one that I wanted to share with you! La Cave at the Wynn is a tapas (pronounced TAH-pahs) style restaurant. So, what is tapas?  Well, these 'small bites' are popular throughout Spain in bars and restaurants and are appetizers that usually accompany Sherry or other cocktails. They can form an entire meal and can range from simple items, such as olives or cubes of ham and cheese, to more elaborate preparations like cold omelets, snails in a spicy sauce, stuffed peppers and miniature sandwiches. While at La Cave we salivated on 'Bacon Wrapped Dates with Bleu Cheese Fondue', 'Chorizo, Italian, and Andouille Sausage Flatbread', 'Thai Snapper Ceviche with Asian Pear and Habanero', and 'Beignets with Raspberry Jam and Crème Anglaise' (one order of these isn’t enough) to name a few. They serve your food immediately once it is prepared, so you have a continuous stream of fresh/warm food being brought to your table. I would highly recommend La Cave on your next trip to Las Vegas!" YUM!  Doesn't that just look like a GORGEOUS restaurant and the dishes sound TO DIE FOR!  Holly is ALWAYS on the look out for new ideas for Culinary Crafts's brides and I'm sure we'll see some of her R & D on menus very soon!!!  On a side note, stay tuned to the blog in the coming weeks for a post on our Executive Chef's recent wedding where the couple served their guests the most amazing tapas style 9 course luncheon at The Tasting Room!  Happy tapas, everyone! Check out more Salt Lake City, Park City, and Utah County catering at! Photo credits: La Cave interior via The Wynn; La Cave Signage via Dine Delish; Bacon Wrapped Dates via Vegas Tripping; 3 Sausage Flatbread via Vegas Tripping; Thai Snapper Ceviche via Food Spotting; and Beignets via

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