December 7, 2011

The Leonardo Grand Opening | Wednesday Wisdom


We at Culinary Crafts are constantly looking for new and different venues for our clients.  We know that the venue is VERY important to the event, not only to maintain the look and feel our clients envision, but to work with venues that will make our client's overall experience the best it can be.  On that note, one of the newest venues we are happy to announce is The Leonardo!  We had the distinct honor of catering the Opening Gala and ribbon cutting!  It was AMAZING - from the decor, to the attendees, the venue itself, and, of course, the FOOD!  Take a look!

Love the local vendors, such as Beehive Cheese Co., that we were able to spotlight at this event!

Such a FANTASTIC night and FABULOUS venue.  I love that we were able to delight the guests with one of my favorite new stations, the Doughnut Bar Ring of Fire Action Station!  Such a dazzling and delicious dish, and it fit in perfectly with the wonder and beauty of The Leonardo!  I encourage everyone to go check out this new and impressive space!  It won't disappoint!

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Photo credit: Logan Walker with CAKE photography

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