March 5, 2009

“Let them eat cake”


As I assist my beautiful Bride's in planning every aspect of their upcoming receptions, we ultimately come to the question...To save the top tier of cake or not? Some of my Brides insist on saving the top to freeze and eat a year later while others ask "Why would I ever want to eat year old cake?" Which has made me wonder where this crazy tradition comes from. Well, through just a bit of research I found that the top tier was originally saved for the christening of the couple's first child and not to remember the wedding day! Since many couples had children just shortly after their Wedding day, it was meant to be a cost savings to serve the same cake rather than have an entirely new cake made. However, over time, the span between the marriage and child bearing has stretched and thus came the "1 year anniversary remembrance" associated with the cake. Locally, Carrie's Cakes will produce any Bride's dream cake from individual centerpieces to topsy turvy to the most elaborate and elegant display of piping and edible gold and silver. Take a look at these fantastic creations! xoxo Rachel Nasse-Heimer Executive Director

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