April 20, 2016

How To Pipe a Rosette On A Cupcake


Have you ever wondered how to make the perfect looking cupcake? Well, it's actually really easy for you to do at home! Things you'll need:
  • Cupcakes (We used lemon)
  • Sprinkles (We used pearls)
  • Frosting (We used cream cheese frosting)
  • Piping bag (Or a ziplock bag)
  • Star tip
  • Scissors
  • Rubber spatula
Take the piping bag, open it up. Put your hand in it so you're holding it. Or you could put it in a cup so you don't have to hold it. At home, you can easily switch this out for zip lock bags. DSC_0397 Then, cut off the tip of the bag and put in the star tip. Twist it at the end and push it sightly into the tip so the frosting doesn't come through while you're putting the frosting in the bag. DSC_0410DSC_0413 Add all the frosting to the bag! The frosting could be whip cream or anything else you want on top of your cupcake. Make sure not to put too much frosting in the bag, otherwise you won't be able to have the control you need to push it out evenly. DSC_0407 You start at one end and swirl it around in a circle. DSC_0423 Apply even pressure so you're getting the same amount of frosting every time. Make sure to hold it straight so the edges are in the same direction when you do it. DSC_0425DSC_0431 Now add some sprinkles! DSC_0444 You're done. Enjoy your cupcakes with a cold glass of milk. DSC_0456DSC_0451

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