February 6, 2014

A Very Special Tasting Room Wedding!


As promised, today I will be showing you more from our head chef, Marco, and his beautiful bride, Aubrey's GORGEOUS wedding day at Culinary Crafts's venue, The Tasting Room!  It was so amazing and I loved the food!  Marco is our head chef and Aubrey is a professional chef as well, so the couple decided to make the food a true experience for their guests.  They decided to create a tapas menu (meaning small plates) to create variety and excitement in the menu, and it did just that!  I also have to tell you that the Culinary Crafts staff was SO excited to create and execute this FABULOUS menu for Marco and Aubrey and it came out flawlessly!  Take a look! MarcoWedding I love the simple elegance of the white florals and the delicate lace runner.  Plus, the long communal table is a wonderful way to get all of your guests mingling and chatting with each other! MarcoWedding2 Aren't the tulle chair ties pretty?  Such a simple detail, but it really dresses the chairs up! MarcoWedding3 The handmade and personal details that Marco and Aubrey brought to their wedding were amazing!  Couple that with the cutest ring bearer and flower girl (who happen to be 2 of their kids!) and it was a picture perfect day! MarcoWedding4 The fabric bunting backdrop at their ceremony was so pretty and I love the texture and softness it brings to the room.  After the ring ceremony, guests were offered fresh "Jal Jerra" lemonade with lemons, cilantro, limes, sorrel, and mint - so refreshing! MarcoWedding5 Look at Aubrey's veil - so classic and timeless! MarcoWedding6 MarcoWedding7 The guests were offered hors d'oeuvres to start including Proscuitto Melon Skewers and Pork Belly Sliders with Pickled Slaw - and after they were invited to be seated, they were greeted with a "bread plank" featuring a variety of house made breads and butter blocks with Pink Himalayan Salt.  YUM! MarcoWedding8 As I mentioned before, the couple decided on featuring a tapas menu of a variety of small plates of different delicious offerings.  Two of these plates were the Roasted Golden and Red Beet Salad with Farro, Arugula, and Citrus Vinaigrette and the Grilled White Peach Salad with Feta, Blackberries, Frisee Mix and a Vanilla Bean Vinaigrette.  DELICIOUS. MarcoWedding9 They also served Grilled Halibut and Roasted Artichoke topped with Micro Greens and Basil Infused Olive Oil, Hazelnut Crusted Scallop with Pear Puree and Micro Greens, and Beef Short Ribs topped with Kale Chips and Served with a Polenta Shooter.  I love this menu!!! MarcoWedding10 Guests finished their sumptuous meal with a Lemon Meyer Sorbet with Lavender, to cleanse the palette, and then were offered a dessert plate with Sticky Toffee Cake and Crispy Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle with Edible Gold Garnish - think of the texture of a Butterfinger with the flavor of chocolate hazelnut.  YUM!  What a perfect meal!  Another great moment was that our talented staff was invited to come out and receive a round of applause for a BEAUTIFUL job! Such a stunning wedding and we are so happy for Marco and Aubrey!  Thank you for letting us share in your wedding day and we LOVED being able to create such a wonderful menu!  Happy ever after, everyone! Check out more Salt Lake City, Park City, and Utah County catering at! Photos by Kelli Bramble

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