December 13, 2011

Mary’s Favorite Gift Ideas | Trendy Tuesday


Today, we are back with more of Mary's favorite things for the holiday season and I LOVE today's theme of gifts!  Every year, I always have a hard time finding gifts for my loved ones that is something they love, but also expresses my love for them.  I think Mary's 5 Favorite Gift List is the perfect answer!!!  Take a look! Mary’s Top 5 Christmas Gifts! I have a saying, "Gifts is Good!"  Gifts bring a smile to the face and warmth to the heart when done in a spirit of love.  I am always listening for those subtle hints of things that mean a lot to others.  When thinking of gifts, I ask three questions: 1) What is something they wouldn't buy for themselves?  2) What is a gift for them that money can't buy?  3) What gift can I give that will say, "I know your heart"? 1.  The Gift of Companionship. Plan a special night together like tickets to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert and stroll through the lights at Temple Square. 2. The Gift of Time. Make sugar cookie dough and take all the trimmings to someone's house and spend the afternoon making and decorating cookies.  Take some holiday music along to set the holiday mood! I've included my Grandmother's Heirloom Sugar Cookie Recipe below.  Yummm! 3. The Gift of Self. Write a letter full of remembrances of times together.  Include funny times, loving times, and inspirational times.  End with sharing the qualities you admire most in them that have been their gift to you. 4.  A Gift They Would Never Buy Themselves. Some people will buy themselves a massage, but most won't buy a full day of pampering.  One of my favorite gifts to give all my daughter's is a Girl's Day Out.  We go to a different spa each year for massages, pedicures, facials, waxing, and then dinner.  Husbands have to tend the kids! 5.  A Gift Money Can't Buy. My homemade fudge! (See recipe above.)  I rarely have time to make my own gifts anymore, so when I take the time to make, package, and give something I have made myself, it is truly something money can't buy.  I'm giving the recipe to you as a gift.  I've not published this recipe and money can't buy it.  I'm just giving it to you to make your own special memories. The Giving of Gifts is to remind each of us of the Reason for the Season and the Greatest Gift that was given to each of us.  Merriest of Christmases to you and yours. Love, Mary

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