March 23, 2009

Mary’s Favorite Wedding Tips #2


2)  It's never too early or too late to start planning.  Yes, every bride loves to have 12 months to plan her special day but that is not always possible....especially in Utah!  The first order of business is to decide on your wedding location.  Venues can usually only accommodate one wedding a day and good venues go quickly.  An seasoned and experienced caterer can serve from 3 to 10 brides on any busy wedding day---all with flawless perfection.  However, not all caterers are set up to handle multiple weddings with enough staff and equipment. Make sure that you select a caterer that is capable of handling the busy wedding days with ease and grace, and not simply buying tons of frozen foods and ordering inexperienced staff from a staffing agency. Tip #3 will be up next week so be sure to check back! Thanks, Mary

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