April 20, 2009

Mary’s Favorite Wedding Tips #5


5)  The Butler-passed Hors d'oeuvre will never go out of style. What could be more gracious than serving guests one-on-one with trays of exquisitely garnished bite-sized masterpieces by handsome waiters.  Fabulous!  It is the perfect way to greet guests before a wedding dinner and start the conversation hour.  It is also a gracious way to greet guests at a large reception as waiters share the vision and flow of the evening with newly arriving guests.  If the bride is planning a receiving line, the passed hors d'oeuvre is a welcome treat as guests wait to greet the couple.  A beverage station positioned by the entrance is another way to say "Welcome--we're so glad you're here"!  Hope you have enjoyed reading and have found some unique ideas to fit your perfect style! Mary Crafts

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