February 2, 2012

Mary’s Top 10 Restaurants! | Food Theory Thursday


We have a new series for Food Theory Thursday that I am THRILLED to announce!  Mary Crafts-Homer has been kind enough to share her Top 10 Restaurant Picks for Utah County, Salt Lake City, and Park City!  Mary, I'm sure you know, loves frequenting the local fare to see whats new, what delicious, and where you can have the best meal EVER.  Luckily, Utah is brimming with restaurants that are simply divine!  (I would also like to note that the ever fabulous Mary writes the restaurant reviews for UV Mag, where you can also find this first Top 10 list!)  So, without further ado, take a look at Mary's first Top 10:  Utah County! Mary's Top Ten Restarants of Utah County! (You might even catch at any one of these fine establishments!) Best Fine Dining - Sundance Tree Room Best Pizza - Pizzeria 712 Best Hamburger and Fries - Spark Best Mid-priced Value - La Jolla Groves Best Healthy Cuisine - Blue Lemon Best Secret Indulgence - J Dawgs Best Asian - Shoga Best New Concept - Communal Best Mexican Burrito - Mountain West Burrito Best Desserts - The Chocolate Dessert Cafe Happy dining!!!  Remember to stay tuned for the Salt Lake City and Park City picks! Check out our NEW website at!  

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