July 3, 2012

McCune Mansion | Trendy Tuesday


Today, I want to share one of Culinary Crafts's FAVORITE downtown venues, the McCune Mansion!  This gorgeous gem is in the heart of Salt Lake City and is a favorite for someone seeking the epitome of elegance, beauty, and grandeur for their event.  We are lucky enough to have done many show stopping events there throughout the years and are always amazed at the stunning architecture and gorgeously appointed rooms that the McCune Mansion boasts.  Whether you are hoping to hold a beautiful ceremony, drop-dead gorgeous reception, or one of a kind corporate event, the McCune Mansion is the perfect place for you!!!  Take a look! What an AMAZING place, right?  We love the McCune Mansion and are simply thrilled to be able to offer such a space to our clients!  Happy planning everyone! Check out our website at! Photos courtesy of Pepper Nix Photography and Logan Walker of Pepper Nix Photography

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