February 16, 2009

Modern Wedding Style, hot tips for cool brides


We love that so many of our wedding clients are “coming to the table” with such refined palates!


Brides (and grooms) who fell in love over a fabulous meal are not willing to settle for ‘just OK.’ The fact is, you can’t throw an amazing party without serving amazing food and gourmet receptions are the Culinary Crafts’ wedding forte!


Tempura Vegies in Bamboo Boat
Tempura Vegies in Bamboo Boat

Special themes make for a highly personalized and memorable reception. It's fun to combine various ethnic foods to reflect the bride and groom’s respective backgrounds or pick a menu item from that special restaurant that you spent that romantic first date in. Make sure you consider and talk about both your likes and dislikes when planning your menu options and don't be afraid to mention favorite dishes and the recipes that you love. Inspiration for an unforgettable meal for everyone at your celebration most often begins with your own very personal vision.


  There are no second chances to get it right when it comes to your wedding and Culinary Crafts really understands that completely.  We work meticulously on all of all the most important little details, and lovingly prepare outstanding food so that our gourmet Brides and Grooms have the chance to fall in love all over again.  


Well that's all for this week. Check back next week for some fresh wedding buzz LIVE from Las Vegas, where Culinary Crafts will be catering a "little" wedding reception for about 1500 guests! Till then.....


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Michael Sanders


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