February 27, 2009

Modern Wedding Style, Hot Tips for Cool Brides


It's all in the Mix! Signature MartinisI must admit, one of my least favorite things to do in this world is wait. As a guest, walking into a reception, there are those first few minutes of thought about how to negotiate the lay of the land, figure out where everything is a located, where do we stand? where do we sit? Oh boy, am I thirsty! One of my favorite things is the feeling of being welcomed and taken care of. Butlering a beverage to arriving guests at a reception provides a great big welcome. It can be a fabulous cocktail or non alcoholic "mocktail", either way cc0495loresit really makes your guests feel pampered. Think about your favorite flavors and colors and really take it up a notch by creating personalized names and themes. Follow through with availability of these beverages on your bars or beverage stations to add additional accessibility. Fun colors, dramatic glassware and creative garnishing touches will make your "Signature" speciality drinks a very memorable personal touch. Well that's all for this week. Check back next week for more wedding tips and ideas. Till then... Best Regards
Michael Sanders

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