March 9, 2009

Modern Wedding Style, hot tips for cool brides



Traditionally, the wedding rehearsal dinner is a gathering of the wedding party along with close family and friends after the wedding rehearsal. An occasion that often provides a special time for families and friends to meet and greet (sometimes for the first time) before the wedding.


The wedding rehearsal dinner is traditionally semi-formal, and often an opportunity for the bride and groom to present thank-you gifts to wedding party. But if you have family coming in from all over or if sitting down to a more formal meal is not appealing to you (or your budget), you may opt for a fun, casual alternative.


One of my favorite ways of planning a hip, casual wedding rehearsal dinner involves a grill, some good old down-home style BBQ and a relaxed atmosphere. If family and friends are coming from a distance to attend your wedding, a nice BBQ wedding rehearsal dinner is a great way to show them you appreciate their attendance without breaking the bank. They will be able to meet, mingle, and chat without the stress of formal wear and fussy etiquette rules. Kick it up a bit with bright colors and a stylish presentation to complement the bold flavors of a great American BBQ meal.


So forgo the filet, and make my burger medium rare!


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