October 10, 2011

Monday Musings: Invitation Ettiquette – The Host Line


Hi all!  Today I have the wonderful Ann Elizabeth of Ann Elizabeth Custom Invitations here to tell you about Invitation Etiquette and also to explain the deal with the host's line.  Take it away Ann!

"Ever wonder why some wedding invitations start out with the bride and groom’s names printed at the top and other invitations list the parents of the bride at the top?

So what’s the deal... Who’s name’s should be printed first?

The answer to that question is the 'hosts'.  Figuring out who the 'hosts' of the wedding are is important for couples to consider when selecting wording.  In many cases, the “hosts” of the wedding are the bride’s parents. A major factor of figuring out the “host” is establishing who is shouldering the majority of the financial burden of the wedding.

Some etiquette experts also say that the persons listed first on the invitation was tied to whom was 'giving' the bride to the groom. (Think... Father of the bride walking the bride down the aisle to give the bride away.)

The role of “hosts” has typically fallen to the bride’s parents, but now it is not uncommon for multiple sets of parents or the bride and groom themselves to be the 'hosts' of the wedding and, therefore, listed first on the invitation.

It can get tricky when parents and the bride and groom are participating in the finances and even trickier when multiple sets of parents are involved. Use your best judgement on what suits your situation and talk to your family about their preferences.

In any situation, we recommend that the engaged couple be as considerate as possible to those who are helping in the nuptial plans and err on the side of being gracious and appreciate the love and support of your family and friends."

Thank you so much Ann!  I know the host line is definitely one of those situations where etiquette can definitely save you a lot of grief and hurt feelings!  As Ann says, its always better to err on the side of being gracious!  Your wedding planning and wedding day will be happier as a result!  Happy planning!

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