October 17, 2011

Monday Musings: Spotlight on Scenemakers and Diamond Rental


What do you get when you combine the vision of Mary Crafts, the rental operations of Diamond Rental, and the award winning design of Scenemakers?  A breathtaking masterpiece to be long remembered!  Two of the FANTASTIC vendors at Mary and Rick's reception were Diamond Rental and ScenemakersScenemakers was responsible for the AMAZING site design!  And Diamond Rental was responsible for all the BEAUTIFUL rentals!  I mean, remember that tent?  That detail alone was DROP DEAD GORGEOUS.  And the way they were designed to frame the reception?  AMAZING!  Take a look!

Scenemakers and Diamond Rental made Mary and Rick's reception a night their guests would never forget.  Such a breathtaking venue, stunning rentals from Diamond Rental, and Scenemakers's design was the icing on the cake!  They both took Mary's vision of "Surround Tents and Open Courtyard" and turned it into a reality.  Just what Mary and Rick dreamed!  Dinner and dancing under the stars!

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Photo credits: Pepper Nix Photography and ZumaPhoto


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