July 21, 2011

National Governor’s Conference


Culinary Crafts had the wonderful honor of catering for the National Governor's Conference that was held this past week.  We catered three distinct parties, all of which were very different!  Last Thursday, Governor Herbert and his wife hosted a luncheon honoring the Chinese delegation at the Governor's Mansion in which the VIP Governors and their wives were also invited.  It was awe-inspiring to meet and serve so many fabulous governors, their wives, and also the foreign dignitaries that attended as well.  So naturally, we wanted to provide a gorgeous and delectable meal!  Check it out!

STUNNING!  One of the really simple, yet elegant, touches we added to the dessert was serving the sorbetto in quenelle shapes, instead of scooping it onto the plate with a traditional scoop.  All you need to do is use two large tablespoons and scoop out a wedge holding the tablespoons at the edge of the scoop you'll be making and it'll make that lovely shape you see on the plate above!  Then we put the individual quenelles back into the freezer for a bit to really solidify the shape.  Such a wonderful addition to any plate and easy enough your could do it at home or for any event!

And for all of the readers who caught my faux pas yesterday, I apologize!  Mary caught my misspelling of quenelles and I corrected it right away.  I'm glad to know I still learn something new everyday! :)

The next two events we'll be featuring from the National Governor's Conference are the Utah "Live from the Hive" at the Utah Olympic Park  for 800 guests and afterwards, the edgy, rockin' after party hosted at the Grand Hall at the Gateway for 300 guests.  Stay tuned for those events in upcoming posts.  And thank you again to the National Governor's Conference for allowing us to be involved with such a fantastic event!

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Photo credit: Keith Westerberg

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