August 24, 2010

New Venue: Blue Sky Ranch


We here at Culinary Crafts are always looking for new and outstanding places to include on our venue list and today I'd like to showcase our newest addition:  Blue Sky Ranch!  Kaleb, Mary, Rachel, and Ryan took a trip up there and here's what Rachel had to say: "We had the opportunity to visit a brand new venue just recently.  Blue Sky Ranch features a hilltop yurt, a pond, horseback riding and hiking trails, a horse arena, and a cabin bar on top of a mountain!  Not only is it perfect for company retreats and team building exercises, the arena can seat up to 400 guests to accommodate a wedding or a holiday dinner.  Check out these photos from our visit.  We love Blue Sky and cannot wait to begin hosting events there..." Here are some photos:

Ryan, Mary, Rachel, and Kaleb standing in front the rowing pond, just beyond the Yurt.  So picturesque!

Gorgeous scenery and the Yurt.  The Yurt can host up to 30 guests for a company meeting or intimate dinner.  How fun!

What a unique place!  This is the mountain top bar, all within this rustic cabin.

Aren't the horses beautiful?  Horseback trail rides are available!

This is the view from the mountain top bar area.  I wouldn't mind hanging out there all day!  Lucky Mary!

This is the horse arena...  Its still in it's construction phase, but what a fantastic place for large events!  We can't wait to start hosting events here...

Simply GORGEOUS!  What an amazing and incredible venue and we are so proud to partner with them!

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