April 6, 2016

How To Make Orange Garnishes With Chef Ortega


Today we're going to share with you how to make the cutest garnishes made out of an orange! DSC_03081 First, start with a orange. You can use any citrus fruit you like but we used oranges for this one. You'll want to make a cut down the center and go about a inch and a half down. DSC_02621 DSC_02731 Then go down again, kind of making a triangle and you keep going all around the center of the orange. You can relate it to carving the smile of a pumpkin, it's zig zagged just like that. You want to try to keep your zig zag in a straight line all around the orange. DSC_02791 You can see how you can pull the orange apart a little bit there's little triangles coming out. Then you want to gently twist the orange off from each other and you have your little garnish! DSC_02801 DSC_02821DSC_02841 You can put the garnish on the side of a plate or you can cut off the bottom so you can set it down flat. You can also cut just a little piece off to have it sit at an angle. You can also change the size of the "teeth" of the orange by doing bigger or smaller ones. Try to be as careful as you can not to break off any of the "teeth" when you're twisting it apart! DSC_02921 DSC_02951 DSC_02981 The final product, so beautiful! You can also doing this with melons or other citrus fruit like a lemon or a kiwi. DSC_03041 DSC_03111

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