November 8, 2018

Our Thanksgiving Plan: timeline to help you prepare for Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving at the Crafts’ house is always a production. Everyone is welcome at our house; we invite family, in-laws, co-workers, friends, and even a few strangers, which leaves us with a large guest count to manage. So, we start the planning well in advance. Here is the basic outline of our Thanksgiving game plan showing how we make sure all the pieces come together for the perfect meal. The most important thing to remember is no one can do this alone! From menu planning to furniture moving to enjoying the meal . . . this is a family and friends holiday. Embrace the season and enjoy! Thanksgiving Game Plan 3 weeks out Plan menu. Make shopping lists. Order turkey. Any new equipment needed? Gravy separator? Roasting pan? Instant read thermometer? 2 weeks out Do 1st shopping trip for all non-perishable items and items needed for pre-cooking. Make vinaigrette for salad. Make cranberry salsa. Make pie crust (roll, put in pie pans, freeze) 6 days out Do 2nd shopping trip. Make centerpiece and table runners. 4 days out Prepare bread for stuffing.   3 days out Prepare stuffing and refrigerate. Peel potatoes, cube, cover with water, and refrigerate. Make tray with all ingredients needed for mashed potatoes. Prepare vegetables and goodies and refrigerate. Prepare sweet potato casserole and refrigerate. Make greeting beverage such as hot spiced cider. Place turkey in refrigerator, if using frozen turkey. 2 days out Set table and press linens. Last minute cleaning and tidy. Give assignments for Thanksgiving Day for last minute items.   1 day out Brine turkey. Toss salad, cover, and refrigerate. Make bread dough, form into rolls, cover, and refrigerate. Make fillings for pies and refrigerate.     Thanksgiving Day Set out stuffing and sweet potatoes. Bake pies. Bake rolls. Put turkey in turkey roaster. Bake stuffing and sweet potatoes. Take out turkey 20-30 minutes before serving dinner. Tent with foil and let rest.   Last 15 minutes Cook potatoes and mash. Make gravy. Set refrigerated items on the table. Toss salad with vinaigrette. Pour beverages. Enjoy this holiday season! - Love the Crafts' Family

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