August 30, 2011

Pharmacy Cup Polo Match: The Decor


Today, we are going to show you more of The University of Utah Pharmacy Cup Polo Match!  It's time to show you the decor and let me tell you, it was GORGEOUS!  Firstly, the event was housed in a huge, beautiful tent that kept all of the guests cool on the stunning summer day.  Couple that with fabulous citrus-y, silky linens and bright, jewel colored blooms and you have a perfect setting for the high-brow attendees!  Check it out!

Our lovely Mary Crafts-Homer, making sure everything is perfect!

Simply GORGEOUS, right?!  A major shout out must be given to the talented people of Scenemakers who designed the whole thing!  And there's still more!  We haven't even shown you the actual polo match or the hats!  Never fear, dear readers, that will be coming soon on the blog!  So keep checking back for the final post on this stellar event!

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Photo credit: Mitch Burt of ZumaPhoto and Keith Westerberg

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