September 7, 2011

Pharmacy Cup Polo Match: The Event


Hello dear readers and I hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day weekend!  Today, we'd like to share the last post from the FANTASTIC University of Utah Pharmacy Cup Polo Match - and this time, its all about the hats, polo match, and the legendary "Stomping of the Divots"!  Let's check it out!

A quick overview of the auction, the FOOD (I can't get enough of it!), and even Mary and Rick making sure everything is going off without a hitch!  The Pharmacy Cup was truly THE place to be!

Did I mention the hats!?  There were so many to see - all from chic and stylish to completely fun and whimsical!

One of the most recognized parts of any polo match is the "Stomping of the Divots" and the Pharmacy Cup did not dissappoint!  All the guests were out on the green taking part in this long standing tradition - and having a blast!

Talk about full service catering!  Culinary Crafts made sure all the guests were refreshed during the match and the stomping of the divots!

Lastly, they awarded the best hat a fantastic prize - and may I say it was definitely MY favorite hat as well!  This gent made his hat - complete with a dog biscuit ribbon accent!  A very well deserved win!

The Pharmacy Cup Polo Match was, by far, one of the most outstanding events that Culinary Crafts has had the honor of participating in all year.  Thank you so much for letting us add to the beauty and elegance of it all!  I hope you, our readers, enjoyed it as much as we did!

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Photo credit: Mitch Burt of ZumaPhoto and Keith Westerberg

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