August 24, 2011

Pharmacy Cup Polo Match: The Food


We had the distinct honor of catering for the University of Utah's Pharmacy Cup Polo Match recently, and what an event it was! Hundreds of high-brow guests attended the event and even participated in the famous "stomping of the divots" tradition!  Well, this was chock full of delectable food, gorgeous decor, and fantastic polo to be played!  And, because it was so magnificent, we'll be showcasing the event over multiple posts!  Today, we'll be showing you the fantastic food!  Check it out!


So much gorgeous and DELICIOUS looking food!  We had 100 staff on site for this event so it was definitely all hands on deck!   Mary even corralled her new husband, Rick, into frying eggs for the guests!  I love that she likes things to be a family affair, so fun! Stayed tuned for future posts on the decor and the polo match as well!  It's going to be AMAZING!

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Photo Credit: Mitch Burt of ZumaPhoto and Keith Westerberg

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