May 30, 2012

Picnic Luncheon Ideas | Wednesday Wisdom


One of my favorite trends I'm seeing lately is gourmet picnic luncheons.  Many people choose to host their ceremony or sealing in the morning, but would like to wait until the evening to begin their reception, but what do you do in the middle?  Especially if you are having a destination wedding?  People are flying in or taking the time off to share in your big day and you don't want to dismiss them for that wonky middle area where they are trying to fill the time between the morning and evening activities.  Some couples and their families choose to high tail it to a restaurant in the area, but its not always very tailor fit to the bride and groom and can end up seeming like an after thought or something you just did because there wasn't a better option.  Well, you are in luck!  How about hosting a picnic with your family and friends?  On a gorgeous, warm day, you can find a local park, spread out some blankets, and share gourmet picnic lunches with everyone!  And its not only SUPER cute, but a casual and relaxing way for everyone to get to know each other.  Its also a great way to show love and gratitude to your most important people because you created an experience for them that they will never forget!  We are also excited about this trend because Culinary Crafts loves making boxed lunches - either for a family or each individual - with picnic favorites such as pasta salad, baked beans, gourmet sandwiches, and custom desserts for your guests - and let me tell you, they are as beautiful as they are delicious!  In fact, Mary Crafts's daughter Megan is planning a picnic luncheon as part of her upcoming nuptials and we are having so much fun gather all sorts of ideas to make it unique and FABULOUS!!!  Take a look at some of my favorite inspiration I've found for these intimate gourmet picnic lunches, via Pinterest, of course! Cute, right?  I especially love the custom printed labels and containers!  What a fantastic touch!!!  I hope you will consider a picnic luncheon for your special celebration.  It is sure to be an amazing and fun touch to an already memorable day plus, it doesn't have to be expensive to be something that your guests will be talking about for years!  Happy planning everyone! Check out our website at! Photo credits: Board 1 - Martha Stewart Weddings, 100 Layer Cake, and Elizabeth Anne Designs; Board 2 - DIY weddings; Board 3 - Green Wedding Shoes; all found via Pinterest        

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