April 25, 2014

Popcorn Trend Forecast!


PopcornTrendAs many of you may know, we here at Culinary Crafts have been predicting that popcorn would be new trendy snack food - and guess what?  Martha Stewart magazine just confirmed our long standing suspicious with this blurb about "Pipcorn" gourmet popcorn knocking out cupcakes as the 'it' take home treat!  You can see some of our popcorn creations and trend predictions for the tasty snack here and here.  Our trend setting is definitely not a new thing, either.  Here are some little know facts about Culinary Crafts's trend setting ways!
  • Culinary Crafts was the first company to bring the chocolate fountain to the United States.  It originated in Toronto and Mary Crafts-Homer was looking for a unique presentation for the 2002 Olympics - and it definitely fit the bill!
  • Culinary Crafts created the Flaming Donut Station that is now the rage across the country
  • Culinary Crafts took the buffet vertical AND mobile with our unique buffet designs and our buffet tutus!
  • Culinary Crafts started the Mash Potato Bar because we wanted to re-invent the over-done Baked Potato Bar
  • Culinary Crafts started the Grand Dessert Buffet as a main event because Mary Crafts-Homer wanted to offer something a little different than just a cream puff and eclair buffet - and it is STILL a hit to this day!
  • Culinary Crafts was the first catering company in Utah to go green and local
  • Culinary Crafts was the first catering company in Utah to jump on the social media wagon and used it as their main marketing vehicle.
Mary says, "I don't worry about posting all ideas on blogs and websites as there is no end to creativity.  When someone copies me, I just create something new!"  Ain't that the truth!  Happy popping, everyone! Check out more Salt Lake City, Park City, and Utah County catering at!  

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