June 6, 2019

Praise Cheeses!


Utah is the proud home of numerous world class artisan cheese makers. In celebration of National Cheese Day, here are some of our favorites!   Image result for beehive cheese Beehive Cheese In 2005, brothers-in-law Tim Welsh and Pat Ford left the fast-paced world of software and real estate seeking a simple dream to bring back the local creamery to northern Utah. This artisan’s skill and patience for perfectly ripening wheels make Beehive Cheese some of the best in America. The Beehive Cheese creamery is a modern cheese operation where old-world craftsmanship is embraced and the next generation of artisan cheesemakers are nurtured. Vegetarian-friendly rennet is used in all Beehive Cheese recipes. Wadeland Dairy’s herd is a mix of Jersey and Holstein cows whose creamy, high-quality milk gives Beehive Cheese its signature butteriness. Beehive Cheese does not standardize their milk. This means that as the milk changes with the season, they adjust their cheese recipe to match the fat and protein levels present in the milk. All the Beehive Cheese varieties are excellent. Our favorites include the Barely Buzzed, Seahive, Red Butte Hatch Chili, Fully Loaded, and the Aggiano. And did we mention we really love the Barely Buzzed? You can find Beehive cheeses at many local grocers. You can also order online at Be sure to try the Barely Buzzed - seriously we can’t stress this enough!   Image result for heber valley cheese Heber Valley Artisan Cheese Heber Valley Artisan Cheese is a small family dairy farm and creamery nestled in the quaint community of Midway, Utah. For nearly 100 years the Kohler family has been producing premium milk – pure, rich & creamy – to delight their consumers. In 2011, the family built a new creamery and began using their farm’s milk to handcraft and age artisan cheese. The secret to Heber Valley Artisan Cheese is premium milk – the perfect base for cheese making – produced by their 150 dairy cows. These happy & healthy “gals” provide the best-tasting milk because of their superior care. The cows are grass-fed and roam free in mountain-valley pastures with natural springs. The Kohler family has also excluded corn and other GMO feeds from their cows’ diet as requested by their local raw milk customers. We love each Heber Valley cheese we’ve tried. Our favorites include the Vanilla Bean Rubbed Cheddar, Queso Fresco, Juustoleipä, and all the aged sharp cheddars (2, 4, and 6 years aged). Y   Image result for gold creek farms cheese Gold Creek Farms In 2007, Gold Creek Farms discovered an enchanting 130-acre property in Woodland, Utah that had held a producing dairy farm some forty years before. All that remained on the property was an old open-air hay structure and a broken-down milk barn. Wanting to honor the land’s previous use, they decided to create an artisan cheese-making facility, using the milk from their own cows. All of the Gold Creek cheeses, soaps and lotions are made using the milk and cream from their own Brown Swiss Cows, a cow specifically chosen for the buttery richness of their milk. You may have noticed a trend across all our local artisans - it’s the milk that makes the cheeses taste so delicious! As with our other artisans, all the Gold Creek Farms cheeses are wonderful. But we do have our favorites: the Drunken Cheddar, the Smoked Cheddar, and the Woodland Blue. Order online at   Eat Well!  

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