September 10, 2013

Remember To Light The Night!


It's about the time when we move from the sweltering summer (especially this year!) to a, hopefully, cool fall, the days are shortening and making light more scarce for outdoor weddings, and while many people love this because creates a romantic mood and a gorgeous evening – they also sometimes don’t remember just how fast the dark nights roll in.  Because of that, it’s always a good idea to have lighting planned for your event so your guests aren’t stuck stumbling around in the dusky light and everyone can see all the wonderful elements of your special day that you put so much effort and time into planning!  We here at Culinary Crafts LOVE the many fantastic ways that lighting adds romance, drama, and, of course, light, to an event, but there are many options to choose from!  Some of our favorites are adding chandeliers to your tent or dance floor, utilizing strung lights on an outdoor patio, or even arranging beautiful candles to cast warmth to the night.  Check out some of our favs! NewLighting NewLighting2 NewLighting3 NewLighting4 NewLighting5 NewLighting6 NewLighting7 NewLighting8 NewLighting9 Beautiful light makes for a beautiful event.  Plus, your guests will appreciate that they can still see everything that going on (plus, no accidental tumbles because they can't see where they are going!)  Taking the time to plan for these small details will make your wedding not only gorgeous, but a better experience for you and your guests!  That way you can focus on enjoying this once in a lifetime event – which is what its all about!  Happy planning everyone! Check out more Salt Lake City, Park City, and Utah County catering at! Photos by Pepper Nix Photography, Logan Walker - A Pepper Nix Photographer, Kelli Bramble Photography, and Keith Westerberg

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