October 14, 2014

Repost from Ashlee Elizabeth Photography


We here at Culinary Crafts got a delicious surprise in our inbox this week - a GORGEOUS wedding from Ashlee Elizabeth Photography that we just couldn't resist sharing!  It was such a perfect day and these pictures are so fun, I think you are going to LOVE it as much as we do!  Check it out! "I am in love with this wedding! Allison and James planned a spectacular day at a gorgeous ranch home just between Heber and Park City. Everything about this event was well planned and perfectly executed...the weather even cooperated! These two are a big deal within the horse training community, but more importantly they are a big deal to all of their friends and family who traveled from all over the country to be with them. The food, catered by Culinary Crafts was presented beautifully and tasted fabulous. The party was filled with laughter and tears, a wonderful tribute to the couple! It was just a joy to be a part of this day! Congratulations you two!" ajw ajg2b ajg1ajw_10 ajw_15 ajg21 ajg22ajg23 ajg26ajg27 ajg6bajg5 ajg3bajg7b ajg13ajg12 ajg33 ajg29 ajg34b ajg30 ajg31b ajg37 ajg32ajg45b ajg41ajg42 ajg39ajg44 ajg38 ajg46b ajw_466ajw_394 ajw_153ajw_155 ajw_150ajw_306 ajw_540 ajw_631ajw_637 ajw_647b ajw_609ajw_588 ajw_587 ajw_590 ajw_686ajw_672 ajw_705bajw_720b ajw_754ajw_759 ajw_747 ajw_748ajw_745 ajw_813bajw_814b Wasn't this wedding FUN?!  Seriously, we loved it.  And thank you to Ashlee Elizabeth for sharing this magical day with us!  Happy dreaming, everyone! Check out more Salt Lake City, Park City, and Utah County catering at!

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