February 8, 2017

REPOST: A Modern Asian-Themed Wedding at The Leonardo Museum



We revisit this colorful and contemporary celebration featured in the pages of our magazine.

In celebration of Chinese New Year this weekend, we’re #FBF-ing to Candice Yee & Eric Bender’s Real Utah Wedding featured in our Summer/Fall 2013 issue. The “Modern Shanghai” and “Upscale Chinatown” themed wedding at The Leonardo Museum in downtown Salt Lake City—planned and designed by FUSE Weddings & Events—was inspired by the couple’s love of travel and Asian street food. Culinary Crafts recreated some of the duo’s favorite eats for the cocktail hour, including skewered shrimp satay, pork pot stickers, and Thai-style fish cakes served with chopsticks in take-out containers lined with Chinese newspaper. The morning of the big day the couple held a traditional Chinese tea ceremony, a nod to the bride’s family’s heritage. During the reception, Yee swapped her Vera Wang gown for a traditional red Chinese dress. The couple later departed among a sea of sparklers and glowing Chinese Kongming paper lanterns. Read the couple’s love story + wedding details here, and see more photos of their festivities here!  
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