April 22, 2014

Restaurant Review: From Scratch in Downtown Salt Lake City


MadeFromScratch Today, I want to share a FABULOUS new restaurant that opened in Downtown Salt Lake City that our very own Mary Crafts-Homer has been raving about!  Actually, you will often find Mary here as it is one of her favorite places for lunch- she's has even sent hundreds of her friends, acquaintances, clients, and partners to try the soon to be famous From Scratch and they all have rave reviews as well!  From Scratch is a truly fresh and AMAZING place to grab a meal - and they are true to their name - they even grind their own flour, from scratch.  Seriously.    They also just won Best of State for "Best Hamburger"! MadeFromScratch2 Plus, as if that weren't enough, their attention to detail and dedication to overseeing the ENTIRE process of creating your meal is one of the reasons we LOVE them.  When you get a burger, pizza, salad, or pasta (and more!) from here, you know that there are only whole, real ingredients in EVERY bite - and its absolutely FRESH!  We wish more restaurants were as committed to bringing the freshest food to the table with whole, real ingredients - but until more people jump on this band wagon, we will just be grateful for this place and happily eat the AMAZING offerings of From Scratch.  Happy dining, everyone! For more Salt Lake City, Park City, and Utah County catering at!

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