May 11, 2016

Attend Ryan’s “Scenic Route” Burger Pop-up Restaurant


Ahh….. the scenic route, a leisurely drive to relax, take in your surroundings and relish the experience of being alive. That’s the inspiration behind our next Pop-up Restaurant, and what we affectionately call, Ryan’s “Scenic Route” burger* (a burger that has taken no short cuts on its way to your plate). Yes, we’re featuring a hamburger at our next Pop-up! And, we promise you have never tasted a burger quite this extraordinary. The amount of care, passion and preparation that goes into its creation is astounding. bmBPBQciWVIoCsN2zY9F0-kSnXXcgFwQSVYh_Djv2tY,sZG6KkeVNybZbdjDn9aUEIs3CpGM_qsML2JCC-4w__Q,2sGGr78DF-zaxpvgWBpPe4Of_wwAvWRDvVKBX_7esO0,Xtg_g8uTdMMsVwazyaQgYr14wv_6x47ytRg4tsIG8EE For this pop-up restaurant, Ryan Crafts, Culinary Crafts Partner and Chief Operations Officer, has set a 6-course modernist epicurean homestyle menu that will take you on a culinary back roads journey as it delights your senses with inspired flavors and artistry. The “Scenic Route” burger may be your destination, but the entire trek will be delicious. The location for this experience? find_us_header_SMALL_mini-1938x531-696x191 The picturesque Snuck Farm in Pleasant Grove. Our chefs will be using Snuck Farm’s ridiculously fresh herbs, vibrantly organic greens, GPS coordinate specific honey and bouquet-worthy edible flowers throughout the 6-course dinner. During the evening you’ll savor cheeses from the local artisans at Heber Valley Dairy and Beehive Cheese, and indulge in piping hot flatbread fresh from the wood-fired oven. But, it’s the “Scenic Route” burger that will steal the show and quite possibly ruin your tolerance for industrial burgers forever. It’s perfection on a plate, a char-grilled piece of heaven…call it what you will, it is a burger you’ll remember for the rest of your days. bu52S7oWtbHDP31xGqSTJF-U56rMV-yk_Y6TS6N1kqg This restaurant and menu “pops-up” for a single night and then disappears, offering a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience. In order to attend this exclusive event, you must purchase your tickets in advance. Seating is very limited, reserve your seat now!  Don’t miss your chance to ride shotgun on our “Scenic Route” culinary journey. Ryan will be in the drivers seat sharing tips and pointers for your own backyard grilling adventures, and will describe the nuances of each pop-up course—each one a scenic masterpiece waiting to be tasted. IMG_7097   Hamburger To get more information and buy your tickets, go to

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