Culinary Crafts Favorite Blend

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By far, the single most important factor in a great cup of coffee is starting with great quality beans, roasted fresh (preferably locally), and ground à la minute immediately prior to brewing. In Ryan’s words, “I’d rather have coffee improvised with a sock, an old pot, and a campfire if I get to grind my favorite beans fresh each morning, versus coffee from the latest exacting and expensive brewing machine using over-roasted, pre-ground, and stale beans. As with all food, the ingredients matter much more than the tools!”
We designed Culinary Crafts Favorite Blend to have broad appeal (so all 400 people at breakfast enjoy it) and broad brewability (to shine equally well using all the various brew methods we employ in the field). Striking the right balance was not easy. We sampled dozens of custom blends from numerous roasters. Even after several weeks of trying, we still hadn’t found a coffee that everyone in our kitchen and office enjoyed, let alone agreed was a shared favorite. Then one morning, everyone in unison exclaimed, “Mmmm . . . now that’s a good cup of joe!”
From those who prefer it light and acidic to those who like it dark and bitter; from those who take it black, to those who go extra heavy on the cream and sugar; from those who prefer a pour-over to those who only drink espresso, everyone loved this coffee. We continue to taste test new blends from time to time, but from the first time we brewed it, Culinary Crafts Favorite Blend has remained our go-to coffee at our large special events where we need a killer coffee that a diverse group of people will all enjoy.
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