Ryan’s favorite blend

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Ryan’s favorite blend- 12 oz whole beans

By far, the single most important factor in a great cup of coffee is starting with great quality beans, roasted fresh (preferably locally), and ground à la minute immediately prior to brewing. In Ryan’s words, “I’d rather have coffee improvised with a sock, an old pot, and a campfire if I get to grind my favorite beans fresh each morning, versus coffee from the latest, exacting, and expensive brewing machine but using over-roasted, pre-ground, and stale beans. As with all food, the ingredients matter much more than the tools!”

Ryan’s favorite coffee blend will be loved by anyone who, like Ryan, prefers a light roasted and acidic bean, that produces a very bright and fruit-forward cup. Floral and tropical on the nose, notes of citrus and blueberry pancakes open on the palate, balanced against a soft roasted nut finish. Ryan’s favorite blend is wonderfully suited to all manual brewing methods. The fruit flavors will certainly shine through wonderfully in a pour-over. Yet this coffee will still be very delicate and nuanced from a French press with all the oils still present in the cup. We recommend brewing with 195 F water, taking care with your grind and brew time to not over-extract, allow the coffee to cool to at least 150 F before tasting, and enjoy the final coffee black.  Although much lighter than traditional, Ryan submits that this blend even makes an amazing espresso. We also suggest trying it with a little salt, sugar, and pepper as a dry rub for beef or lamb!

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