Tabitha’s Way Food Security Box

$ 10.95

If you’ve struggled just to find certain household items during this time, consider the plight of those who simply can’t afford them, regardless of their availability. Food insecurity was already a serious issue for many in our community even prior to the pandemic. And it’s only been made significantly worse by this crisis. In an effort to assist those without means to reliably feed their families, we invite you to add one (or more) Tabitha’s Way Food Security Boxes to your pantry order.

Your $11 donation pays for 36 ounces of rice, 15 ounces of beans, and 12 ounces of tuna for the Utah County Tabitha’s Way Food Pantry, which is working to help families and individuals through tough times by providing temporary food assistance. You can read more about their organization here:

Additionally, Culinary Crafts is matching each contribution – doubling the total food purchased by our supporters each week. Thank you for your support.

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