October 16, 2010

Spotlight: Etsy for Halloween!


Have you heard of Etsy? Its an amazing online storefront that connects tons of creative and crafty people directly to YOU and there is no end to all the of great stuff you can find!  Now, I know I talk a lot about DIY projects, but I know that not everyone has the "crafty" gene and not everyone has the time or desire to hand make 200 cupcake toppers that are as unique as your event.  This is where Etsy shines.  You can get in touch with an artist who can make you the one-of-a-kind item that matches your event just beautifully!  And its made just for you!  Today, I'd like to show you an event storyboard for a Halloween party that contains items from Etsy sellers!  But don't let the inspiration end here.  Etsy is amazing for any event, whether it be a wedding, a birthday, or just another day!

First row: Vintage style cupcake toppers from CraftyPagan, Vintage Whirl-O-Halloween game from AlteredArtifacts

Second row: Ceramic Skelly Baby Jack O'Laterns from pumpkinhollow

Third row: Stone poison apple from mudstuff, Custom made bloody invitations from NikkiPlott, Custom tissue paper pompoms from createandadorn

Fourth row:  Halloween bunting from BlueMoonStudios, Paper mache historic gravestones from Middleburg, Ghost with Boo banner from BloomandBarnacle

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