July 20, 2011

Spotlight On: Mary’s Invitations


Today, I'd like to share the invitation suite from Mary and Rick's wedding.  It was such a beautiful set designed by the ever amazing Ann Elizabeth Custom Invitations!  Mary and Rick put a lot of thought into every single piece of the invitation. Take a look!

As you can see, the invitations get progressively more casual.  Starting with the rehearsal, which had only family attending, they chose to use a really familiar way of wording by simply saying, "Mary and Rick invite you..."  In the ceremony invitation, there were more people invited, however, they still were only close friends and family.  Because of this, they added more formality to it, while remaining familiar by saying, "Please join us as we, Mary and Rick..."  This invitation set the tone for the most formal event of all three by mentioning the "formal luncheon to follow".  Any time you see the word formal on an invitation, you know this is where you'll want to dress to the nines!

Lastly, in the reception invitation, there were 500 people to be invited from family to friends to colleagues.  For this, we have the most formal introduction with the couple's full names and the "Along with their Families".  On a more personal note, the reception invitation set also held the part that was the most important to the couple and really felt like it shared their personal philosophies with their guests.  It said, "In lieu of gifts, please pay it forward with love.  Donate to your favorite charity, help a stranger in need, donate your time to a worthy cause."  Mary and Rick truly believe that we are all part of one big family and we should share love and kindness to each other daily.  And what better way to share their personal love with the world?

Since their wedding, the couple have received dozens and dozens of thank you notes from the charities that have been gifted donations in Mary and Rick's name as well as countless personal accounts of simple random acts of kindness or volunteerism.  These gifts have truly spanned the globe - to places as far as Afghanistan and as close to home as our next door neighbors.  What a truly inspiring gift to our community and what a fantastic message to all of us.  Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourselves, Mary and Rick, and creating so much love in this world!  And thank you to Ann Elizabeth for making such a gorgeous representation of Mary, Rick, and their wedding!

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