June 8, 2011

Spotlight On: Mary’s Wedding!


Hi all!  Today for Mary's Wedding Spotlight, we have another post from the wonderful Jacque Riehl of Riehl Events!  Today, she'll be letting us in on the Rehearsal Dinner design, complete with a peek at her inspiration board! (Rememeber, I'm a BIG fan of the inspiration board!)  Take it away Jacque!

Above: Mary's Inspiration Board via Jacque Riehl

"Today I want to share with you all about the design for Mary’s first event, the rehearsal dinner. With Mary, her love of food influences every aspect of her life.  From her TV show that many of us watched for years and years to her fabulous catering company, Culinary Crafts, Mary is all about filling her home with people that she loves and her kitchen with the sights, smells and tastes that are creations from her love for those people.  She started Culinary Crafts wanting to share that love with the world and it’s because of that passion that Culinary Crafts is now the number one caterer in the state of Utah.  It seems only natural that each event Mary is planning for her and Rick’s wedding is completely centered around food and the design aspect only enhances what is being served to her lucky guests.

For the rehearsal, Mary wanted to keep the atmosphere light and casual.  She wanted to serve great grilled items; things that are fun to sit around and watch someone prepare. I won’t get too much into the food, as Mary will be sharing that with you next week (you WON’T want to miss that post!), but we decided to take that fun casual atmosphere and create an English Garden poolside event glamorous enough for the likes of Mary Crafts, but casual enough to be fun and fit into the setting it was being created in!  Sounds smashing, doesn’t it?

Much of design in events is being influenced by the royal wedding and English inspired events are hot, hot, hot! Mary’s events, being the fashionable gal she is, will be no exception… To a point. We are using English influences, for this event, only in the sense of a gorgeous English garden, filled with beautiful frilly flowers, iron wire accents, terra cotta pots, wood utility baskets, and lots of beautiful candlelight.

Her colors for this evening are champagne, citron and coral (told you she was fashionable, eh?). This color palette creates a light and airy fun feel to the whole event.  The guests will be surrounded by gorgeous raw silk and natural linen fabrics, iron wire baskets and candle holders, rough hewn terra cotta pots filled with 5 different types of roses, larkspur, stock, mullet, waxflower, amaranthus, smilax and ladies mantle, and of course, lots and lots of candlelight. They will have the opportunity to play croquet and make their own s’mores over a custom built fire pit and while those marshmallows are toasting, they can read how much they are loved by Mary and Rick via great little plaques that are being custom designed by Riehl Events for the happy couple.  Some examples of those plaques are: s’more laughs, s’more kisses, s’more time spent together… Etc.

The evening will be filled with love, laughter, and the coming together of two families in celebration of true love.  One that is epic for our time - Mary and Rick's.  It will be a night to remember for a lifetime!"

Thank you so much Jacque!  We are so excited to see it all come together!!

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