August 19, 2010

Spotlight: Pastry Chef Sam Major


I know most of you are aware that Culinary Crafts takes care of every facet of your event, from the food to the decor to the little details that really set your event apart, but did you know that Culinary Crafts can even make your wedding or special occasion cake for you?  And beautiful, delectable ones at that!  Our pastry chef, Sam Major, not only creates divine flavors to make sure your cake is drop dead delicious, but he really takes the time to make sure your cake is an asset to your overall wedding theme and a outstanding part of the decor.  Take a look at a couple of examples! This cake was part of a wedding with a really natural, rustic vibe.  The distressed, sun faded wood walls, the outdoor surroundings of trees and foliage, the vintage snowshoes on the wall,  and the neutral color palette really are tied into this cake.

The meringue mushrooms (yes I said meringue and not actual mushrooms!) and the tree stump cake stand are GORGEOUS.  The use of the ornament also adds a special personal touch that makes the cake all the couple's own.  Remember the details really make your event shine.  Having an outstanding pastry chef on your side doesn't hurt either!

This next cake also is beautifully tied in to the surrounding event and venue by the gorgeous design of the cake and the use of details that set it apart.  This event was at Red Butte Gardens, so the beautiful gardens, lush plants, bright color palette, and exquisite flowers were really utilized in this cake.

The sugared kumquats bring in citrus-y color palette and the grass  cake stand give the cake a natural, lush garden feel.  As you can see with the event, the cake is a spectacular showpiece that illustrates the couple's theme.  Sam's design is incredible and really made this cake something AMAZING!

I hope this give you some ideas on how to make your cake stand out and add some details that can make it, and your event, extraordinary.  And remember, if you need a cake, our pastry chef, Sam Major, can make you something stunning AND delectable!

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