January 28, 2011

Spotlight: Rehearsal Dinners


Since most of the planning is starting to happen for this year's upcoming wedding season, I'd like to suggest that you consider a Rehearsal Dinner!  What is the purpose of a rehearsal dinner, you may ask?  Really, it's just a nice way to get all of the most special people in your lives together in a relaxed, fun atmosphere before the day of the wedding where everything is sure to be a little more hectic.  The rehearsal dinner is meant to be casual, laid-back, and NEVER to upstage the wedding in theme or grandeur.  You can still have an AMAZING rehearsal dinner, however, and you can still have plenty of details.... Which are my favorite!  Let's check out some pictures!

This first rehearsal dinner focused on an old fashioned barbecue theme with some fun vintage touches!

The food and ambiance seem to say, "Relax and stay awhile!"  A perfect way to get your families together and have them get to know one another.

This next rehearsal dinner was a Mexican fiesta theme.  The bright colored sunburst paper decorations and decor add to the lighthearted, relaxed feeling of the dinner.  Nothing says "Have Fun!" like a fiesta!

The long vineyard tables encourage people to sit together and chat.  Plus, they are GORGEOUS!

This last rehearsal dinner is also a barbecue, however, they were true to the North Carolina style as an homage to the bride's parents.  The live bluegrass band and roasting pig set this one apart and the music is a good way to get people dancing!

The paper stars and gingham are truly fabulous for this event and the food is "finger-lickin' good"!

Barbecues are really popular for rehearsal dinners (as you can see) because they are always casual and full of comfort foods.  This doesn't mean that your rehearsal HAS to be a barbecue.  It could be a fiesta or a picnic or anything you could dream of!  Really, just focus on creating a fun atmosphere for your guests to mingle and the sky is the limit!  Happy planning!

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Photo credit: Pepper Nix of Pepper Nix Photography (vintage BBQ),  Logan Walker of Zuma Photo (N.C. BBQ), and Keith Westerberg (Fiesta)

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