September 14, 2010

Style Love: Turquoise in Your Color Palette


Did you know that every year Pantone releases a "Color of the Year"?  I guess for starters, we should start with the bigger question:  What is "Pantone"?  Pantone is actually a company that is the world-renowned authority on color and the provider of color systems and leading technology for the selection and accurate communication of color for graphic artists, designers, the fashion industry, and beyond.  So that being said, when they announce their color of the year, they've got some pretty strong clout behind it.  This year, they've announced that Turquoise is the 2010 color of the year and we are so in love!  Turquoise can be used in all sorts of palettes because it is a truly calming and pleasing color.  Today, I'd like to showcase a wedding where Turquoise was definitely on display!

How cute are these photo booth keepsakes?  The use of the copper, chocolate brown, and turquoise at this wedding is elegant yet adds a touch of whimsy and fun that you can't resist!

The use of chandeliers and mixing of glass, metal, wood, and ceramic centerpieces as well as food stands make this wedding unique and visually stunning!

Isn't this wedding gorgeous?  The warmth of the coppers and browns really are amplified when using a vibrant, yet cool color like turquoise!  I think you might be seeing this color scheme for an upcoming shoot we did with Utah Bride and Groom!  ;)  Stay tuned to find out what it is!

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Photographer credit: Logan Walker of ZumaPhoto; Wedding Planner: Coleen Waters

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