June 11, 2012

Takin’ A Break Before A Busy Wedding Season! | Monday Musings


Today, I thought it would be fun to share the annual motorcycling trip the Culinary Crafts gents take every spring before the busy wedding season begins!  Culinary Crafts's staff is full of awesome people and we really are more like a family than anything - so it makes sense that even though we work together, we still like to hang out on weekends and go on vacations together!  (I guess that's what makes us at Culinary Crafts such a great team!)  Here's a quick word from Ryan Crafts about the trip! "Four years ago, a group of Culinary Crafts staff all rode our motorcycles together to Moab, Utah to spend the week seeing the National Parks in that area.  The trip was so much fun, it has become a yearly tradition!  Every spring before we get too busy with our wedding season, we take a local camping trip to see some of the beautiful scenery Utah has to offer.  Most of us ride motorcycles on this trip, but we also have others who follow behind in one of the company pickup trucks.  This year we passed our time riding Utah's various scenic byways, shooting clay targets with shotguns, and playing lots of Texas Hold'em.  One of the other fun things that always sets our group apart from other campers wherever we go is the amazing meals we prepare and enjoy while traveling.  Fellow travelers always comment on the unusual sight of a pack of motorcyclists who so easily trade their leather jackets for aprons at meal time.  It may seem odd, but for us it's completely natural to move seamlessly from a conversation about cubic centimeters, power to weight ratios, lean angles in the canyon, and miles to the next fuel stop, to a conversation about julienning the sweet peppers we picked up at the farmers market, when to brine the chicken, who will flambe the peaches, and whether or not to substitute some almond flour in tomorrow morning's blueberry pancakes.  Gourmet food and two wheeled vehicles may not be known for sharing a close relationship, but to us it makes sense!" Happy Monday everyone! For more about Culinary Crafts, check out our website at!

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