August 14, 2012

The Art of Catering Food Recap | Trendy Tuesday


Today, I'd like to share some of the fantastic photos from our 2 presentations at The Art of Catering Food Conference!  We had such a blast and were so thrilled to be asked to speak at this wonderful conference!  We love sharing our ideas and learning new things from our peers, and The Art of Catering Food did not disappoint!  Our first presentation, No Pastry Chef? No Problem! was led by our fantastic pastry chef, Jocelyn Ball, and Miss Mary Crafts-Homer, natch!  Focusing on ways to amp up your pastry and dessert offerings - (whether you are making them from scratch or fudging them a little) - with tips on shipping, timing and logistics, garnishes, and storing them until the event were all covered!  It was a crowd pleaser, for sure! The second presentation, Action Stations: The Showpiece of Your Event, was led by Mary Crafts, Ryan Crafts, Kaleb Crafts, and Marco Niccoli.  This presentation shared creative and inspiring ways to engage guests with presentation and action in their food preparation!  With more and more guests yearning to be wow-ed at events, action stations are a perfect way to make an event an over-the-top and memorable event!  Another hit for the crowd! We had such an AMAZING time and learned so much!  We can't wait for the next one! Check out our website at! All images from Catersource and the ICA's facebook galleries

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